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Another Blaine/Darren stan who’s a rocket scientist, but doesn’t know how to spell. Just curious, would Darren be proud of the illiteracy levels of his stans, I wonder?
Well they’re only 12. I understand that they might not be English majors yet, but … yeah. Darren wouldn’t say anything because he’s kind of a coward when it comes to confronting ridiculous fans.
What the hell is a fug? Oh well don’t matter. Chris Colfer loves all the Kurtsies, and Struckers, and Colferites, and basically everyone who loves and supports him. So your good~
I think they’re referring to the fugly thing … I think. I’m not up to date on modern day lingo. And of course Chris does. He’s a decent human being.
mollyannice replied to your post:Chirs would be ahsmaed to have a fug like you liking him.
I think I would be more ashamed of the person sending hate if I was either chris’s because gross behaviour but that could be just logical.

Anonymous asked:

your fugly

Welcome to Earth, everyone, where you get criticized for having a flawed look that isn’t appreciated by everyone.

It’s also a lovely gift to wake up in the morning. So anon, if you separate that word you get, f’ing, and, ugly. Well I’m glad that you find me f’able. Very flattered. As for ugly, I totally see it. I know I’m not the best looking, but that’s fine. I’m me and I’m totally hot!

PS: It’s ‘You’re’ you pretentious boob.

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