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You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on you Ipod, MP3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!

I was tagged by tsubychan and kurthummelismyhero Both absolute dolls for you to follow

  1. Lynard Skynard - Tuesdays Gone
  2. AJR - Growing Old On Bleecker Street
  3. Secrets in Stereo - Again
  4. Pink - Try
  5. Dani Shay - One
  6. Emily Browning - Where Is My Mind?
  7. All American Rejects - Gives You Hell
  8. Trading Yesterday - Shattered
  9. Be Cocks - So Cold
  10. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

Wow. I’ve never realized how many different bands/singers I listen too. :) Well I’m not gonna tag anybody. lol. I always feel bad if I don’t tag someone.

I really want a Puckurt!AU War Story. Each on opposing sides, but fall for each other. They’re both rough and have a few fights, but start having fun with it. The non-metal guns are used and many cocks are loaded. Some generals get jealous and try holding them on trial.

Or the Salem Wizard Trials where Kurt’s attractiveness to many a lad and lady in the area is seen as magical compulsion. Puck, a true wizard, gets involved.

Someone else wants these, yes?

I finally realized why I enjoyed the songs sung on Glee in earlier seasons: They sucked! Not in the bad way, but in the way that they weren’t finally tuned. The voices were raw and autotune wasn’t used. There was a variety of voices singing a variety of genres. Most of the voices had the respiness. Now they’re so clean-cut. They’ve been trained. They sound clean while when they sang a few years ago it sounded like raw grittiness and I loved that!

Each voice in Season 1 was different and I could tell them all apart. Now they all sound alike and it’s hard to tell. Chord, Blake, Jacob, Joe, Darren, and even Kevin at times sound the same that it’s making every song sound bland. Even Naya’s original raspiness, that the show liked to acknowledge, sounds clean-cut these days.

The only ones that have managed to keep their style while still gaining strength as singers are Amber, Chris, Mark, Dianna, and Jenna.

One example for Lea would be Next To Me with Idina. It was  good for karaoke, but listening to the original artist, Emili Sande who’s range is more narrow than Lea’s, and she sounds amazing in comparison.

It just goes to show that growing the cast was probably not the best because they went with Karaoke average bland voices later on that showed no uniqueness to show show or characters that the actors portrayed.


Hi. So I’m trying to move to Los Angeles or any surrounding area, so anyone need a roommate, or want to lower their bills?

  • I’m 21
  • Private, but outgoing and friendly
  • Spend my spare time writing/making short films
  • Don’t have much stuff so a small room will do
  • Also male if you don’t know my profile
  • I’m gay/pansexual, still figuring things out
  • Not dating and it’s my first time to the area so you don’t have to worry about people being over yet
  • I can cook and know how to get a $400 grocery bill down below 100 with coupons. :)

So if you yourself don’t need a roommate, could you reblog and help me find one? I’m looking to leave before the end of August. :)


Anonymous asked:

Hi. So confession. I'm a Klainer. I've been following you for awhile but having asked anything so you won't know who I am. I just want to say thank you for not being cruel. I've heard some bad things about you and how you lol Klaine. I only followed for the Chris stuff, but I'm read through your old stuff and you're actually polite. Kinda shows how perspective is influence, right? Anyways, thanks for not being a major jackass or anything. You seem to be a love blog, not a hate/lol'ing one.

Well first off, welcome. Second, no need to thank me. I’m just a human. I usually try to stay positive and post things I love, but sometimes I’ll get an anon or things are down in life and you’ll get a rant. I usually tag them and tell people before I post.

But while I don’t like the pairing, I don’t really care if others do. I mean I do if some hold them as a real life example, but for those that like them and understand that cheating/manipulation/sexual assault was fine within the context of a fictional show and doesn’t let that affect them, I can deal.

I can talk with Klainers and have civil conversation, but once someone tries to insist their beliefs must become mine and I’m wrong for having a different opinion then i’ll get a bit irked.

But if we’re civil, then welcome. :) I’m a Kurt/Chris blog first and foremost.

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