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phoenixrisingoverthemoon tagged me

1. Least favorite food? Well I’m a vegetarian … but I still miss bacon. :) Mmm. Least would have to be corn. Never liked it.
2. Who would you body-swap with for a day? I would say deathisabitch. Simply for being adorable and being in the UK. And no, I wouldn’t do anything with his boyfriend … hehe. Either him or Chris Colfer, apart from being in the UK. Being Chris, of the Colfer variety, would be ideal for me. Plus you get Ashley Fink and you can’t pass up awesomeness.
3. What’s your favorite thing about yourself? That I’m stubborn! It means that I won’t give up on a story, or I’ll keep trying to make short films even if I won’t become a legit director/screenwriter.
4. Have you ever traveled outside of your country? Where’d you go? Sadly, no. I’ve always wanted to go to the United Kingdom and Switzerland though. Anyone with money wanna take me? I’ll pay you back after 50 years in the workforce.
5. If you’re listening to music right now, what song? If you aren’t, what’s the first song you thought about while reading this question. Read All About It by Emile Sande ft Professor Green. it’s a really great song. I listen to it a few times a day.
6. Do you have any weird quirks? Um … I don’t know. let me go see what’s classified as a quirk. Well, I guess that I always have music with me. Does that count? Music can make any part of the day better. Than and I dance, badly, when no one is around to the music. And even if I don’t have my ipod on me, I still have music going on in my head.
7. Which alternate universe would you be terrified to live in? One where Blaine is real! lol. No. I think I’d choose the one where everything is perfect everywhere and for everyone. With perfection, there is no room for personality, goals, or even interests.
8. Marry, Bang, Kill: Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior, Hermione Granger?

Marry: Hermione Granger

Bang: I guess Katniss, but preferably before the Hunger Games messed her up.

Kill: I have no idea who Tris is, but she dead.
9. Marry Bang Kill: Gale, Four, Ron Weasley?

Marry: Four. I think Sam might have a problem with that, or even Sarag, but is mine here.

Bang: Gale. If Liam is playing him, then I’d bang him!

Kill: By Ron. I;m with your wife now.
10. What’s the weirdest story (fanfic, novel, short story, etc.) you’ve ever read? What was weird about it? I don’t think I’ve read anything too weird. I guess I can say … Klaine fics? I’ve read one once and it was so different than anything the show had. lol. :P
11. Do you play any instruments? If so, which ones? I play the guitar, some piano, recorder, and the lips ;)

My questions:

1. Do you hear what I hear?

2. What does the fox say?

3. Do you know, the Muffin Man?

4. Who’s your tumblr crush?

5. How awesome am I in 2 paragraphs or more? :P

6. What is one fear that you’ve gotten over of?

7. Do you know that you’re amazing?

8. Do you think it’s worth giving up your dreams for a romance?

9. Did you remember to do something nice for you and only you today? Recently?

10. What is one hypothetical experience, a deadly or horrifying one, would you like to have simply for the experience? (Get lifted into a tornado without injury, struck by lightning, get in a police chase, etc.)

11. Do you know that you’re loved? :)

I’m tagging:

deathisabitch, mutilatedman2, coveryoureyes-thedevilsinside, andcanyoukneelbeforetheking, colferchris, iamthefoxqueen, pterawaters, krissyreminisce, obsessivecompulsivereadr, kinneylicious, and anyone else that wants. You all compete for the 11th spot! :P

A Tumblr Mission: Shoud You Accept



So some people need help in the world, and I’m here to give it to you.

Go distract deliriumbubbles from real life work, and in return you get good fics. I got an idol following me in return.

Go follow mutilatedman2. In return, you get some porn, hilarious (Read:true) rants on Glee, a kind…

Can someone come help me so I can take a nap!?!?

I’m great at naps. I’m also a very warm person so I’m great for cuddling. Lets get you to sleep!

A Tumblr Mission: Shoud You Accept

So some people need help in the world, and I’m here to give it to you.

Go distract deliriumbubbles from real life work, and in return you get good fics. I got an idol following me in return.

Go follow mutilatedman2. In return, you get some porn, hilarious (Read:true) rants on Glee, a kind soul, good friend, and a piece of eyecandy.

Go talk OKJ with lovejoybliss and you’ll have a new magnet/broken ear/perverted friend. :P

Go say hi to deathisabitch and meet the little cute idget that could/will do anything he wants.

chriscolfersgroove will send you into a swirl of smiles with the rants and amounts of love and genuine care that the world needs more of

Want a quiet night, then you have auburndammit who is the one that likes everything and I’m pretty sure side-eyes a lot …

The personality of phoenixrisingoverthemoon is beyond level-minded and will make you fall in love with things you might have forgotten (Read: Santana)

klainestillsucks will deliver passionate embraces for many a fandom and person.

The one and only kinneylicious will make you smile with so many things, including the name which is a bundle of joy of it’s very own.

Now I couldn’t get everyone, but this is a mix of people that can either help you, or get you deeper into this thing we people call ‘fandom’ than you already are. They are also genuine people who let their personalities and amazingness shine through.

This is slight lol Darren, so ignore if you want. :) Not bashing, just something that happened.

Anyways, I was at Six Flags today and Teenage Dream came on, the Darren cover from Season 2 of Glee. I never liked the song, but I wasn’t going to voice it in public in a place where tons of teen girls were. Well I didn’t have to.

A bunch of girls came out of a nearby shop and cringed upon hearing the song, one of them all but yelling, “Who on earth is this dirtbag and why is he ruining a great Katy song?”


Our twelfth episode “12 Kidneys for 3” is now out on iTunes. Join us in reviewing the Time of the Doctor.

You can find us under Children of Times Podcast or listen directly here:

You can find us on twitter here:

Thanks guys. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Let us know.

- The Children of Time

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